Powder brows training

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PowderBrows basic training begins with the two-day live training that consists of two parts:

Day 1
Theoretical part: how to prepare the client, what does PowderBrows treatment include, a course on hygiene, facial anatomy, color theory, appropriate care after treatment.

Day 2
The practical part of the exercise on a live model.

  • What will you learn
  • Hygiene
  • Dermatology
  • Contraindications
  • Preparation and aftercare
  • Colour and their effects
  • How to choose colour
  • Needle and handpiece
  • guidance
  • Workplace and client
  • preparation
  • Measuring
  • How to use Phi App
  • Powder Brows technique
  • Touch up
  • Draw shape on paper
  • Powder shading on paper
  • Powder brows on latex
  • Practice on balloon
  • Working on model
  • Everything about cover up

After the live training, participants gain access to the Craftmaster online learning platform, where all registered students go through online education on PowderBrows treatment. Participants are required to pass all technical modules on the Craftmaster platform within 6 months with all the necessary support from me as Master

In craft master you will pass the course step by step that is included:

Level 1- draw shape on paper
Level 2- shading on paper
Level 3- pixel lines upwards and downwards
Level 4-lines in both directions and crossed
Level 5-shading gradient
Level 6- brows on latex
Level 7- measuring on the model
Level 8-working on model
Level 9- Questionary

Certificates — PowderBrows
After completing a one-day live training, all participants receive a certificate of attendance, and after completing the tasks in the Craftmaster application, you receive the appropriate PowderBrows Artist certificate as well as your place on the map of Artists or Technicians within the official Phi Academy website.
Your certificate is universal

Our course is included kits that is the best permanent makeup materials in the world by phishop

Starter kit
• PhiContour pigment Brown 1 (1 piece)
• PhiContour pigment Brown 2 (1 piece)
• PhiContour pigment Brown 3 (1 piece)
• PhiBrows pigments (Red, Yellow, Black) SUPE 3/1 (1 piece)
• PhiWipes (5pcs Asept and 5pcs MakeUp Remover) 10/1 (1 piece)
• PhiCompass (1 piece)
• PhiBrows Scissors and Tweezers (1 piece)
• Latex (Blank) 3/1 (1 piece)
• PhiBrows pencils 2/1 (1 piece)
• Skin Candy 50/1 (1 piece)
• PhiFoam (1 piece)
• Self adhesive pigment container 50/1 (1 piece)
• Phi Thinner (1 piece)
• Phi Mixer (1 piece)

PowderBrows workshop 2 days training is $3100 + HST

Online training is $2400 + HST
We have another type of kits with different type of machine and different price.

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My email is: info@fhbeauty.ca
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